We are specialized in Control fixtures, Measuring rigs, Gauges and Matching equipment for the Automotive
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Fixture Systems by
Holje Precision Mechanic Engineering

Holje Fixture System offer a new fixture manufacturing option that is more economical, quick, flexible, accurate and reliable. One alternative that will meet all of your requirements. The variety of areas where our components can be applied is only limited by your imagination.
The Holje fixture system is designed to adapt to and meet a wide variety of fixture building wishes and demands.

Our Products and Services

Control fixtures and cubings

Control Fixtures & Cubings

Styling, Engineering, Data Control Models, Environmental Cubes, Panel Checking Fixtures, Assembly Fixtures and Tooling for Prototype and Production Parts.

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Measuring Rigs

Measuring Rigs

Holje Fixture System is designed to adapt to and meet a wide variety of fixture building wishes and demands. Position tolerances on the guides and lugs can be +/-0.02 mm.

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Fixture Components

Fixture Components

Complete range of components for fixture building. There are numerous applications for these components; proven applications in the automotive sector.

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Experts in measuring technology. We offer the services of measuring and calibration of produced parts, fixtures, tool & dies and gauges in our measuring department.

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Advanced matching fixtures

Advanced Matching

Holje´s new EC-line is the new generation of matching-, and checking equipment and provides a wide range of possibilities at the same time as it’s vastly more cost effective.

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Pilot plant activities

Pilot Plant Activities

We offer our customers high experienced resources in the fields of pre-production pilot plant activities, geometry technique, matching processes and quality assurance.

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Holje Systems

Fully developed and a top of market system

Holje fixture systems
  • Manufactures and sells quality assurance systems to companies as Volvo Cars (T1), Geely (T1), Daimler/Mercedes (T1), Benz (T1), Volvo Trucks (T1) amon others.
  • Are globally established and have a well know Trade-mark.
  • Increased focus on better quality in China is creating high demands for Holje systems.
  • Holje are one of the three globally approved suppliers of fixture systems.
  • Holje represents best performance, best flexibility and cheapest solutions for the same functionality.
  • Modular-sized solutions and structures with large percentage of re-usage and re-building ensures a continuous inflow of orders.
  • A world market of more than 400MillionEURO/450MillUSD.
  • A certified company according to ISO9000 and ISO14000.
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