Holje´s new EC-line is the new generation of (*)matching-, and checking equipment and provides a wide range of possibilities at the same time as it’s vastly more cost effective than all other systems on the global market.

Our new EC-line is really re-usable between car projects, it’s not only talk as from our competitors, we really offer this advantage based on our long experience and know-how of quality assuring and approving of the car producing process.

Holje staff has taken part in the introduction of the first coordinate systems ever used in the world as well as the first cubing, the first matching systems and first quality checking processes already in the 70th in Sweden.

We can honestly say that we know what we doing, we took part in inventing the quality checking systems used by all car producers today on a global scale.

We offer not only hard ware systems as our EC-line, we also set up training, education, technical-, and process support during Job1, Job2 and Job3.

We can effectuate and manage this due to our flexible and reusable Holje Fixture Component System. For more info please contact us at:

In some countries this system is called “MeisterBock” or “PCF”

Example Matching Fixtures