About Us

Holje was founded 1994 in Olofström , Sweden. We have customers all over the world, therefore we have expande with a factory in China (Chongqing) that covers more or less the entire Asia.

With a new CEO, the plan is to expand even more, at the same time as we constantly develop new products within the brand market.

We specialize in control fixture, measuring rigs, gauges and matching equipment for the automotive and aerospace industries.

We also perform external measurements to other customers who have this need. We have the presence of 2 measuring machines. But we see that this increases more and more, to meet the customer’s demand we have to expand with more measuring instruments to buy in for example a handscanner.

The facilities we have are temperature stabilised measuring rooms, design, construction, manufacture, assembly, trimming and measurement of control equipment. We work with all different materials and the fixtures can be built in aluminium, steel, carbon fiber or honeycomb.

The fixture are built by a patented system with holders, heels, clamps, support etc, which are shown in this catalogue. (Catalogue 2013)

We offer our customers complete solutions, so you get one contact that solves everything to you.

Holje, always one step ahead.

About Holje Mechanic Fixture Components